Port:20000 gets added on posted Blog links and images path on Azure Platform

Sep 4, 2010 at 9:12 AM

Hello Guys,

I am using BlogEngine.Net project into my application and when i tested it locally on Development Fabric then its working fine.

But when i have uploaded the site on Azure Platform, it starts getting added Port:20000 in URL for Posted Blog's links and even for added images path.

One of My Friend refered me this URL: http://blogengineforazure.codeplex.com/ and said tried this "Azure Blog Engine.NET is an Windows Azure conversion of BlogEngine.NET". This might help me.

I have downloaded the project from above URL and in which their is a Package file and Configuration file which i have uploaded it on Azure Platform. After uploading i have tested that even their Blog has same problem of adding Port:20000 in Blog's links and images path.

Anybody has idea about this thing that what is the issue? why port gets added in links and image paths?